We are a couple, Maddie and Marco; one British and one Peruvian.



Since the age of fourteen, Marco has been creating jewellery.

Initially as a means to help his family, he began making small friendship bracelets to sell to his school friends and at local markets at the weekend. Growing up in a humble family, each of his 6 siblings helped in ways they could to assist their parents with daily expenses.

Beginning with macrame pieces, his knowledge of creating jewellery has grown organically over the years. Learning by watching other artisans or by experimenting on his own, Marco has the continual desire to improve his skills and continue learning art of different mediums.

Travelling and making jewellery has been his way of life for the past 15 years now and through this he has been able to explore much of South America; from the Caribbean beaches of Venezuela at the North, to the end of the continent at the freezing Southernmost tip of Argentina.

He is inspired greatly by the art of ancient pre-Inca cultures and in their complex cosmovisions. Also in how closely their art was in relation to their environment and the great connection they had with Mother Earth. Understanding now that the metals, jewels, stones, shells and all other materials they used for their art, all have a beautiful energy. Intertwining these precious materials with his imagination and using ancient techniques, results in very special pieces. He feels that each piece is destined for someone special, to accompany them for maybe a long or short time, but it’s essence will be shaped in it’s environment, bringing with it a harmony that relates it closely to Mother Earth.

How we both met was really by a chance encounter in Buenos Aires; passing on the same street at the same time. I’d recently moved there on my own, knowing nobody in the city and with very little Spanish under my belt. We got talking one day (helped by the translator on his phone) and we came to an agreement that Marco would teach me to weave macrame and in return, I would teach him to speak English. So, hanging out with the artisans in the street in Buenos Aires became my past-time between working and there I began learning Spanish, by hours spent speaking and listening to those around me.

Since then, almost five years has past and we’ve had the best adventures together; travelling and selling jewellery all over South America. From which organically grew I T A Y A · A R T E, a fusion of our work which encompasses our passion for travel and creating. A collaboration, where Marco brings his incredible artistic skill; a mix of natural talent honed from years of practice. Whereas I continually learn techniques from Marco, I also concentrate on the photography, social media & website side of our small business.

So since our agreement when we first met, I’ve learnt the ropes (or threads) of weaving macrame from Marco and learnt the life of a street artisan. Whilst he has slowly but surely been learning his English. Now here we are, living in a small jungle city in Peru. Settled, with our rescue animals and working on building our home - all the while planning our next adventure!

We really hope you like what we do and thank you for taking the time to visit our page, we honestly appreciate every one of you looking at our website!

Buena onda ⫽ Good vibes!

Maddie & Marco



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