Dioptase · Macrame Bracelet

Dioptase · Macrame Bracelet


This bracelet has a lovely piece of Dioptase from Argentina at the centre. With it’s mottled green tones, there’s an earthy and calming feeling to this stone. A handwoven one-off piece, made using high quality Brazilian wax coated threads and only natural stones. Each piece is water resistant, light-weight and feels comfortable on the skin. With an adjustable fastening, these bracelets will fit all wrist sizes, perfect if you are buying as a gift for someone! 

  • STONE: Dioptase (Argentina)

  • MATERIAL: Waxed polyester threads

  • COLOURS: Warm Brown, Forest Green and Sage Green

  • SIZE: Adjustable

  • WEIGHT: 45 g

  • Handwoven item

  • One-off design

  • Cruelty free

If you'd like a bracelet similar to this, but maybe in a different colour? Or with a different stone? Let us know 😊

[All photos are unedited and taken in natural daylight.]

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