Fossilised Shark Tooth · Macrame Talisman Necklace

Fossilised Shark Tooth · Macrame Talisman Necklace


In many pre-Inca cultures, found objects, whether it from an animal or a stone had a deep spiritual value. They considered these found pieces sacred because they held inside the spirit of the animal or the energy of the stone. To wear it, was thought to bring the essence of the animal to life and the person to obtain the power of the animal.

This fossilised shark tooth was found on the desert coast of southern Peru. Once home to the ancient Paracas civilisation. This piece expresses the spirit of the shark in union with Man, to honour mother earth.

The necklace has four Serpentine beads. Serpentine is an earthing stone, that aids meditation and spiritual exploration. Able to clear all Chakras and stimulate the Crown Chakra, it can help you to understand the spiritual basis of life. 

Woven with high-quality Brazilian wax coated threads and only natural stones. This necklace is adjustable in length, water resistant, light-weight and feels comfortable on the skin.

All our Talisman Macrame Necklaces are designed to be unisex.

BEADS: Serpentine


Dimensions of pendant:

Length: 4.2cm

If you have any questions about this necklace, please do message us, we’d be happy to answer them ♥

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