Labradorite & Ayahuasca · Macrame Necklace

Labradorite & Ayahuasca · Macrame Necklace


This unisex necklace has a stunning Labradorite stone, which flashes turquoises and golds when held at the right angle. Pared with a piece of Ayahuasca vine from the Peruvian Amazon. The Ayahuasca pieces come from the vine of the plant, here it is called ‘Flor de Ayahuasca // Flower of the Ayahuasca’ due to it’s flower-like pattern inside. The Ayahuasca is coated in a resin to enhance it’s pattern and natural colours. The Ayahuasca is an incredibly sacred plant of the Amazon, used by indigenous peoples in their ceremonies of healing (both physical & spiritual) and connection with Mother Nature. Known as ‘Planta Madre // The Mother Plant’, to wear a piece of the plant, is to maintain a connection it to and to Mother Nature always.

Made using high quality Brazilian wax coated threads and only natural stones. This piece is adjustable in length, water resistant, light-weight and feels comfortable on the skin.

  • STONE: Labradorite (sourced in India)

  • MATERIAL: Waxed polyester threads

  • COLOURS: Dark Grey

  • SIZE: Adjustable (from long length to choker)

  • WEIGHT: 36 g

  • Handwoven item

  • One-off design

  • Cruelty free

If you'd like a necklace similar to this, but maybe in a different colour? Or with different stones? Let us know 😊

[All photos are unedited and taken in natural daylight.]

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