Labradorite & Ayahuasca · Macrame Necklace

Labradorite & Ayahuasca · Macrame Necklace


This necklace has a stunning Labradorite stone, which has colours of oranges, turning to gold, to green then to blue in a beautiful gradient. Pared with a piece of Ayahuasca from the Peruvian Amazon. The Ayahuasca pieces come from the vine of the plant, here it is called ‘Flor de Ayahuasca // Flower of the Ayahuasca’ due to it’s flower-like pattern inside. The Ayahuasca is coated in a resin to enhance it’s pattern and natural colours. The Ayahuasca is an incredibly sacred plant of the Amazon, used by indigenous peoples in their ceremonies of healing (both physical & spiritual) and connection with Mother Nature. Known as ‘Planta Madre // The Mother Plant’, to wear a piece of the plant, is to maintain a connection it to and to Mother Nature always.

The necklace has an adjustable length, so can be worn high up (as in the photo) or much lower depending on how you’d like to wear it. Made using high quality Brazilian wax coated threads and only natural stones, this piece is light-weight and feels comfortable on the skin.

  • STONE: Labradorite (sourced in India)

  • PLANT: Ayahuasca Vine (resin coated for protection)

  • BEADS: Hematite

  • MATERIAL: Waxed polyester threads

  • COLOURS: Burnt Orange and Black

  • SIZE: Adjustable (from long length to choker)

  • WEIGHT: 44 g

  • Handwoven item

  • One-off design

  • Cruelty free

If you'd like a necklace similar to this, but maybe in a different colour? Or with different stones? Let us know 😊

[All photos are unedited and taken in natural daylight.]

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