Leopardite · Silver Pendant

Leopardite · Silver Pendant


A lovely oval piece of Leopardite Jasper from Southern Peru has a beautiful mix of desert earth tones. Wrapped in hallmarked 925 Silver with spiral details at the top. We like to leave the backs of the stones open as to be in contact with your skin. Therefore, you'll receive greater benefits of the stone's natural healing properties. 

Leopardite Jasper is said to have a peaceful energy and can help promote understanding and acceptance of oneself and others. Some use to connect to their inner wisdom that comes to us on a spiritual level from ancestors.

This metalwork technique dates back thousands of years to pre-Inca artisans. Made using only pliers to shape the Silver, with no soldering or heat. 

Dimensions of pendant:

Length: 5.2cm

Width: 3.2cm (at widest point)

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