Malachite & Azurite · Silver Pendant

Malachite & Azurite · Silver Pendant


This gorgeous piece of Peruvian Malachite comes from the foothills of the Andes Mountains, close to Bolivia. A beautiful mix of green Malachite and the strong blue Azurite in a teardrop shape.

Wrapped in hallmarked 925 silver with three spirals at the top. The spiral is an important symbol in many ancient cultures here, as a symbol of evolution. With the start of life represented at the centre as it flows out, ever growing, eever expanding, continuously. 

This metalwork technique dates back thousands of years to pre-Incan artisans. Made using only pliers to shape the Silver, with no soldering or heat. 

Dimensions of pendant

Length: 5.8cm 

Width: 2.6cm (at widest point)

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