Manto Huichol Obsidian · Silver Pendant

Manto Huichol Obsidian · Silver Pendant


A little magical piece of Manto Huichol Obsidian from Mexico, appearing to be a black stone at some angles, once in the Sunlight, it reveals it's gorgeous mix of green/blue/purple swirling patterns! Polished to a mirror like shine, this stone is beautiful example of Manto Huichol Obsidian. Also known as Velvet or Peacock Obsidian, here in South America they are known as 'Manto Huichol' as their beautiful mix of colours, the stones are reminiscent of the visions of the Mexican Huichol tribe during their ritual ceremonies with Peyote. 

Wrapped in hallmarked 925 Silver with metalwork techniques that date back thousands of years to pre-Incan artisans. Made using only pliers to shape the Silver, with no soldering or heat. 

Dimensions of pendant:

Length: 5.2cm

Width: 2.2cm (at widest point)

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