Black Tourmaline · Macrame Talisman Necklace

Black Tourmaline · Macrame Talisman Necklace


A one of a kind handwoven macrame necklace with a piece of raw Black Tourmaline from Brazil. Black Tourmaline is said to be one of the most powerful protective stones available. Especially beneficial for those who live or work in a very negative atmosphere or are surrounded by those who diminish your energy. Black Tourmaline helps clear negative thoughts and instead encourages relaxation and logical thinking. Said to also encourage the feeling of safety and to decrease obsessive thoughts and chronic worry.

It is also believed to provide protection from electromagnetic smog from computers, phones, tablets and other electronic devices. Black Tourmaline is grounding and therefore beneficial for the Root Chakra and linked to Libra, Scorpio and Capricorn Zodiac signs.

Made using high quality Brazilian wax coated threads and only natural stones. Each piece is adjustable in length, water resistant, light-weight and feels comfortable on the skin. All our Talisman Macrame Necklaces are designed to be unisex.

Dimensions of pendant:

Length: 3.5cm

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