Manto Huichol Obsidian · Silver Pendant

Manto Huichol Obsidian · Silver Pendant


This pendant is made from a beautiful petal shape Manto Huichol Obsidian from Mexico and hand shaped 925 silver. In the Sunlight this Obsidian shows a swirling mixture of blue, green and purple, from this Marco took inspiration to make a design to represent turbulent waves and swirling waters.

The metal design on the right side, is more an ancient representation of waves. Designs such as these can be seen in the infamous 'Paracas Textiles' for example, from ancient cultures along Peru's Pacific coast. The left side is a more modern/free form design of swirling waters, flowing freely. Both ancient and modern representations of water in one handmade pendant, which could be a wonderful gift for those who are WATER signs or simply for someone who loves the ocean! 

Dimensions of pendant:

Length: 6.8cm

Width: 6cm (at widest point)

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