Chrysocolla & Obsidian · THAYA Necklace

Chrysocolla & Obsidian · THAYA Necklace

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Our THAYA designs are inspired by the AIR. Forever swirling, spiralling, flowing in all directions; with purpose and strength.

Ancient Peruvian cultures, for example the MOCHICA and CHIMU cultures drew inspiration for their art and metalwork in Mother Nature. Their jewellery was not only aesthetically pleasing, but held a much greater spiritual value. As worshipers of nature, to adorn your body with a symbol of the four elements showed immense respect and love.

Each THAYA necklace is a one-off design and completely handmade by Marco. He uses ancient metalwork techniques by shaping the metal using only pliers, no soldering or heat, using only strength from his hands.

  • STONE: Chrysocolla (Peru) and Manto Huichol Obsidian (Mexico)
  • MATERIAL: Alpacca (also known as Nickel Silver or German Silver)
  • 100% vegan materials
  • Handmade item
  • One-off design
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