Rainbow Moonstone · Copper Pendant

Rainbow Moonstone · Copper Pendant


A handmade pendant with a natural Rainbow Moonstone. Made using the ancient technique of filigree, which is where the metal is not soldered or has heat applied, the metal is shaped and formed using hand strength only.

  • STONE: Rainbow Moonstone (sourced in India)
  • BEADS: Chrysocolla and Garnet
  • MATERIAL: Copper
  • 100% vegan materials
  • Handmade item
  • One-off design

We usually make our pendants separate from a chain, so that they can be styled individually by you. They are very versatile and can be worn long or short as a choker and would look beautiful on: a copper, silver or gold chain, macrame braid, (vegan) leather cord or ribbon! However, we will send it with an adjustable cotton cord to get you started - let us know if you want the cord in: black, brown (pictured) or light grey.

Dimensions of pendant:

Length: 4.5cm

Width: 2.5cm (at widest point)

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