Ammonite Fossil · Peruvian Amazon

Ammonite Fossil · Peruvian Amazon


This is a pretty special piece! An Ammonite fossil specimen found on the banks of the sacred 'Boiling River' in the Amazon Region of Northern Peru. A place of prodigious spiritual power, in this area, every plant, animal, rock or force is deemed to have a spirit. 

This piece was found by a local Shaman of the area. It has a great spiritual value and great power for ceremonies for a deeper connection with the earth. 

This fossil is around 100 million years old (from mid-Cretaceous era). A marine fossil, which indicates that the Amazon region was once an ocean! 

An incredibly humbling piece to hold. 

Dimensions (approx.)    

Length: 12.5cm

Width: 9.5cm

Weight: 388g

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