Chrysocolla & Copper · Raw Piece

Chrysocolla & Copper · Raw Piece


This piece is a beautiful piece of Chrysocolla, with a mix of blues/greens/turquoise with Copper running through it. A palm-size piece, sourced from Southern Peru, it would be perfect for meditation or to be placed on specific Chakras during a Reiki healing session.

Chrysocolla is a peaceful and harmonious stone, a stone of communication and expression. Said to inspire verbal expression, the stone aids one to communicate in a clear, truthful and loving way. Associated with the Throat Chakra, worn or placed on the throat, Chryscolla can help you choose the appropriate words to speak to aid emotional healing in others. A overall calming and loving stone, it can guide you to communicate with words that resonate with power and truth.

From a cultural perspective, Chrysocolla was and still is a very important stone. Used for thousands of years within pre-Inca cultures, especially along the coast of Peru, where it was thought of as a sacred stone. For them in their cosmo vision, Chrysocolla represented the connection between Man and the World.

Dimensions (approx.)   

Length: 5cm

 Width: 3cm

Weight: 48g

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