Raw Quartz Cluster · Natural Piece

Raw Quartz Cluster · Natural Piece


This is a natural raw Quartz cluster from Bolivia. With many intricately intertwined cute quartz points on a natural Quartz matrix full of Mica! A lovely piece, with a flat base it can stand on it’s own, a lovely addition to any crystal collection.

Quartz clusters, due to their natural form, are known to radiate energy out to the surrounding environment and also absorb detrimental energy. They are wonderfully healing crystals that encourage a sense of community, creating harmony and removing negativity from their surroundings, whether that is on a body or in a room. One of the most effective crystals to use for Chakra healing. The intrinsic group energy of clusters easily removes blockages and strengthens the all seven Chakras.

Dimensions (approx.)  

Length: 9cm

Width: 5cm

Weight: 130g

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