Hand Embroidered · Shipibo Textile

Hand Embroidered · Shipibo Textile


This is a hand-embroidered textile piece, made by native Shipibo women of the Amazon rainforest. Embroidered entirely by hand, their designs are influenced by the Ayahuasca plant, with complex geometric patterns which are a visual representation of their spirit world. The textiles carry a healing or blessing and are sung like a musical score, which is called an Icaro.

These are original textile pieces coming directly from the Amazon. We source them from the artists themselves, which in turn helps the local Shipibo women and their families economically.

This Shipibo textile is vibrantly colourful and beautifully intricate; hours of work has gone into making it!

They are very versatile so could be used:

-         in a sacred space or altar

-         to place your crystals on

-         as a wall hanging/ decoration

-         during a healing ceremony


Length: 35.5cm

Width: 29cm

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