In some of our pieces we use a metal called ‘Alpacca’ which is otherwise known as Nickel Silver or German Silver. This is a mix of metals formed to simulate Sterling Silver, but to lower the cost! It is typically a blend of: 60% Copper, 20% Zinc and 20% Nickel. We would advise that if you have a known metal allergy/ sensitive skin or have had reactions to metal in the past, then this isn’t the option for you. If there is a piece you like, then please contact us to discuss making a similar design in 925 Silver, Copper or Bronze.


We ensure that we photograph all our pieces in natural daylight and leave the photos unedited – as to give the truest likeness of each piece. However, please allow for slight discrepancies in colour, due to different monitors and light levels etc. If you’d like any extra photos, from different angles or modelled on a person – please just ask and we’d be happy to do this.