Labradorite & Blue Kyanite · Statement Macrame Necklace

Labradorite & Blue Kyanite · Statement Macrame Necklace


A necklace inspired by Andean textiles, densely woven with diamond forms which feature heavily in woven textiles. Within is a beautiful Labradorite which flashes pale turquoise in the sunlight. Hanging below is a piece of raw blue Kyanite, a stone which is known to aid in aligning all chakras.

Made using high quality Brazilian wax coated threads and only natural stones. This piece is water resistant and feels comfortable against the skin. The necklace has an adjustable length, so can be worn high up (as in the photo) or much lower depending on how you’d like to wear it.

  • STONES: Labradorite (sourced in India) and Blue Kyanite (Brazil)

  • MATERIAL: Waxed polyester threads

  • COLOURS: Golden Beige

  • SIZE: Adjustable (from long length to choker)

  • WEIGHT: 77 g

  • Handwoven item

  • One-off design

  • Cruelty free

If you'd like a necklace similar to this, but maybe in a different colour? Or with different stones? Let us know 😊

[All photos are unedited and taken in natural daylight.]

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