Chrysocolla & Ayahuasca · Macrame Necklace

Chrysocolla & Ayahuasca · Macrame Necklace


A lovely simple unisex necklace with a big beautiful Chrysocolla stone and piece of varnished Ayahuasca vine from Peru. Chrysocolla is a peaceful and harmonious stone, a stone of communication and expression. Said to inspire verbal expression, the stone aids one to communicate in a clear, truthful and loving way. Associated with the Throat Chakra, worn or placed near the throat, Chryscolla can help you choose the appropriate words to speak to aid emotional healing in others. A overall calming and loving stone, it can guide you to communicate with words that resonate with power and truth.

From a cultural perspective, Chrysocolla was and still is a very important stone. Used for thousands of years within pre-Inca cultures, especially along the coast of Peru, where it was thought of this as a sacred stone. For them in their cosmo vision, Chrysocolla represented the connection between Man and the World.

The Ayahuasca pieces come from the vine of the plant, here it is called ‘Flor de Ayahuasca // Flower of the Ayahuasca’ due to it’s flower-like pattern inside. The Ayahuasca is coated in a resin to enhance it’s pattern and natural colours. The Ayahuasca is an incredible sacred plant of the Amazon, used by indigenous peoples in their ceremonies of healing (both physical & spiritual) and connection with Mother Nature. Known as ‘Planta Madre//The Mother Plant’, to wear a piece of the plant, is to maintain a connection it to and to Mother Nature always.

Made using high quality Brazilian wax coated threads and only natural stones. This piece is adjustable in length, water resistant, light-weight and feels comfortable on the skin.

  • STONES: Chrysocolla (Peru)

  • BEADS: Tiger’s Eye, Amethyst and Red Agate

  • MATERIAL: Waxed polyester threads

  • COLOURS: Dark Grey

  • SIZE: Adjustable (from long length to choker)

  • WEIGHT: 68 g

  • Handwoven item

  • One-off design

  • Cruelty free

If you'd like a necklace similar to this, but maybe in a different colour? Or with different stones? Let us know 😊

[All photos are unedited and taken in natural daylight.]

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